Finding Ways to Use Mobile Sbobet List

Finding Ways to Use Mobile Sbobet List – Approximate competition this opportunity will review within the arena of competition Lega Pro Italy which will bring together teams Bassano Virtus against Venezia on March 21, 2017 hour 02: 45 pm at the Stadio Rino Mercante, Bassano del Grappa.

2nd team that will compete later had also met in the competition first part in the competition included teams Virtus superior because his team had successfully conquered Venice in 2 meetings.

Finding Ways to Use Mobile Sbobet List

Bassano Virtus:
soccer team, Virtus who have not managed to record a victory in her last competition with a score of 0-1 Sambenedettese face is soon reunited with his team would speedily Venezia teams in competition dated March 21, 2017 that will come.

In the last five teams Virtus competition has not even scored a victory and to this day his team had already received the result of the defeat of a number five times in a manner streak, One of them is the time to face teams Santarcangelo with a score of 0-3, with a score of 0-2 Modena, Pordenone with the score 0-6, Mantova with a score of 1-2, and most recently, namely Sambenedettese with a score of 0-1.

Not the same as the results already obtained by Bassano Virtus, this opportunity has been successful Venezia teams recorded victories in his last competition as the team successfully conquered Modena with a score of 1-0.

In the last five teams competition Venezia also been successfully recorded three victories and the victory obtained by his team when facing teams with a score of 3-1 Sambenedettese, Teramo with a score of 4-1, Calcio Padova with a score of 3-1, and most recently, namely Modena with the score 1-0. The other being the competition finished with a balanced result Calcio Padova time facing teams with a score of 1-1.

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